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An import and export is the process of copying works from one wiki to another in a way that preserves the edit history.


People used to copy pages by hand, often without attributing contributors or linking to the original pages, preserving the wiki format, and copying templates that pages used. The import and export tools can automate these tasks. Now copying by hand should only be done when other options are not available. A link to the original page in the edit summary is the preferred way to maintain credit when importing by hand to Wikibooks. Pages previously copied by hand should be imported using the import tool when possible.

Import proceduresসম্পাদনা

At Wikibooks you can request pages be imported. Any pages within our scope will then be imported if possible.

Generally imported pages should go into the Transwiki namespace. If there is no destination page with the same name as the source page's name, it can be imported directly into the most appropriate namespace. If there is a page with that name, it should be imported into the Transwiki namespace instead (Special:Import will merge any already-existing page at the destination page name with the imported page).

Visit Special:Import and fill it out. You must not check that you want to import all templates, as some are customized for our usage. You need to confirm the page to be imported is not a redirect as the import tool will import the redirect rather than the intended page. Click "Import" to begin the import process. The import process is done in the background and may take awhile to complete.

If a page is successfully imported, several steps should be taken:

  1. Move the page to the requested destination if known.
  2. Clean up the page to conform to Wikibooks' standards or add {{subst:twwp-2}} to the page, which adds three cleanup templates.
  3. If requested, indicate that the import was done at requests for import and after a week remove the request.

If the import fails, you can have several choices:

  1. Try again later. Sometimes the server is temporarily busy or overloaded.
  2. Try importing only one revision. Sometimes there are simply too many revisions. One imported revision is enough to satisfy attribution requirements at all Wikimedia projects.
  3. If requested, indicate the import could not be done at requests for import.

Transwiki namespaceসম্পাদনা

What Transwiki isসম্পাদনা

The Transwiki namespace is used as a temporary location for content moved to Wikibooks from other Wikimedia projects, like Wikipedia. Content that is not appropriate for other Wikimedia projects might be appropriate at Wikibooks, if it fits our inclusion criteria. Content that is suitable for Wikibooks can be added in the Transwiki namespace, and then moved or merged, where appropriate, once a more suitable home has been found outside of the Transwiki namespace.

What Transwiki is notসম্পাদনা

The Transwiki namespace is not the correct place to add new contributions. Pages in the Transwiki namespace should not be edited, except to synchronize pages with the original source document or in preparation for moving pages to a more appropriate home. If a page in the Transwiki namespace needs to be edited beyond what is described here, it should first be moved to a more appropriate namespace, and then edited as usual.

Moving pages out of the Transwiki namespaceসম্পাদনা

As a book stubসম্পাদনা

If the transwikied content is to be used as the basis for a new book, the new book should be put in a subject category with other classifications. Please do not create a new book if you do not plan on expanding it, as abandoned book stubs do not tend to get developed, so it's better to just leave it in the Transwiki namespace if you aren't going to be m